Shoulder Pain Physio Therapy

Finding it difficult and painful to move your shoulder, especially in certain directions? You might be suffering from a condition called “adhesive capsulitis”, also commonly known as frozen shoulder.

It is commonly caused by immobility of the shoulder joint after an injury, like a pulled muscle or tendon, or putting your arm in a sling for an extended period of time. Women over the age of 40 also have a higher tendency to develop frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder occurs when the capsule in your shoulder joint begins to tighten and becomes inflamed, encasing the muscles and joint of your shoulder, hence limiting shoulder range of motion and causing pain in movements especially in flexion, external rotation and adduction (reaching your hand behind your back). It occurs in 3 stages:

  1. Freezing stage – Where pain is felt in shoulder movements and range is limited.
  2. Frozen stage – Range becomes lesser despite some reduction in pain on movements.
  3. Thawing stage – Range starts to increase again and slowly regain full range of motion.

It typically takes about 6-12months to go through all stages of the condition, though it may vary for certain individuals. Physiotherapy is an important aspect to aid and speed up the recovery time of your frozen shoulder. Therapy includes range of motion exercises, pain management, stretches and patient education on self-management and home exercises to ease daily task and make your recovery process a better one.

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