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3D GAIT Assessment

Gait analysis can be used if you have suffered any of the following conditions :


Running injuries

Hip pain Knee pain


Heel pain

Back pain

Recurrent ankle sprains


3D Gait Lab is the most innovative health solution to help prevent and treat running and walking injuries. It is backed by the world’s largest database of threedimensionalbiomechanical walking and running data.


3D Gait analysis assesses how the pelvis, hips, knees and ankles rest and move in standing, walking or running. It allows accurate detection of normal and abnormal movement patterns which cause or lead to an injury.  Knowing how the joints are moving tells us which muscles are tight or weak and therefore what treatment needs to be done. Assessing all the joints at once saves time and allows us to rule out certain exercises too. This means that you start your rehab journey even quicker and that every exercise you are given is in the best order and tailored to achieve the best possible results.



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