Performing Arts Rehab

We offer specialised care for performing Artists (Actors, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Circus Artists,
Puppeteers, etc.). Pooja Verma holds a Masters in Performing Arts Medicine and is well versed in
treating Performing Artists. She has had extensive experience working with artists from varied
background and shows/ theatre companies.

Injury Prevention – We offer injury prevention workshops for your Students/ Artists/ Company for
both Physical and Vocal issues.

Injury Management – We provide rehab services for artists of various backgrounds. This usually
involves manual therapy, exercise prescription and advise on returning to performance.

We also offer onsite/ backstage physiotherapy services for your artists. Contact us to find out more!

Vocal Physiotherapy– Physiotherapy for the voice or laryngeal manual therapy is a non-invasive
treatment targeted at addressing the muscular tension that may affect one’s ability to
vocalize/phonate. This treatment is beneficial for any professional voice user – singers, actors,
voice actors, musical theatre artists, presenters, teachers.

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