“Thanks to all of you at Physio Asia Therapy Centre for an excellent care. With weeks of pain and frustration following a whiplash injury, at last I found someone who listens, understands and most importantly, knows how to effectively treat this very bothersome injury. I’m very comfortable and almost pain-free now, post-treatments because of you. I’ve learnt how to manage my posture better and how to avoid the aggravating positions. Exercises I’ve learnt here will surely help me a long way. Thank you very much for your help and understanding.”

– Miss C.

“Physiotherapists at Physio Asia are very helpful; the treatments are effective and appointments were prompt enough.”

– J Lynn

“Great service, staff is very helpful and treatments are very effective.”

– Judy

“I had severe back pain caused by a slip disc before treatment. Post-treatment, I am able to play sports again, so the therapy has been very good and very effective.”

– Mr. Mike S.

“Often a very painful upper back. Post-physiotherapy, a huge improvement with not much pain now.”

– Mr. M. Essex

“I had pain in the pelvic region with feeling of incomplete evacuation and constipation very frequently during the day. My core muscles had destabilized after the trauma to the pelvic region. The movements of deeper muscles lacked co-ordination.

Exercises were conducted using Bio-feedback and stabilizer to strengthen the core muscles and also for the pelvic floor muscles, which were given some electrical stimulation. Results were excellent. Pelvic pain has disappeared, no more incomplete evacuation.”

– Mr. S.M.

“I came to the centre because of bilateral shoulder pains developed overnight and without any cause, during a short visit to Singapore. Therapists were warm, comforting and took pains to explain the condition which made me feel very comfortable. Therapy at Physio Asia has helped me a great deal with me regaining most of my mobility. I wish all the best to all of you at Physio Asia.”

– Mrs. Shankar, India

“Sought treatment with a severe pain on my left knee and left side lumbar spine. After approximately 6 sessions, I went back home with a minimal pain. Monika’s treatment was exceptional. Her advice on follow up exercise was precise and clear. The other physiotherapists were also very helpful. I highly recommend Physio Asia Therapy Centre for anyone suffering from arthritis. The atmosphere and staff were extremely friendly and accommodative.”

– Mr. Anthony A. Page, Sri Lanka

“Good service and I’m very satisfied with the care I’ve received.”

– Mdm Paulina Lisawaty, Singapore

“I had a lot of pain and tightness in my neck and shoulder muscles. Monika and her team of therapists worked with me and helped me recover. After every session I felt better and within a few weeks, I felt completely recovered. The DTS traction system helped with the herniations in neck. I was also taught how to exercise my muscles effectively using the Avhivo stabilizer and to do home exercises. I’ve found all the staff here very friendly and welcoming. I’ve had a very positive experience here and would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.”

– Vidya Rajesh, Singapore

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